Dinosaur World White Paper
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Token Overview

Game Token: DWD
DWD is a token used in the game. Users can use it to improve their NFT. Also, users can earn DWD every day by playing the game. -DWD Token Overview- Contract Address : 0x850305296ee90792f70613940B3510307Dfce1f6 Name: Dinosaur World DINOVERSE Symbol: DWD Decimals: 18 Network: Binance Smart Chain Supply: 1,000,000,000 DWD
Users who hold NFT can enjoy various benefits. You can use Dinosaur NFTs to fight other players to get DWD, or you can stake by putting Dinosaur NFTs in your NFT farm. In addition, we are thinking of a concept that users who have Dinosaur NFT will be able to use pre-sales and new functions in the Dinosaur Metaverse first. -DWDT Token Overview- Contract Address: 0x17E2d77Ec3aE22CE79E6848492a69d69D005d025 Name: Dinosaur World Symbol: DWDT Network: Binance Smart Chain