Dinosaur World White Paper
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About IDO

DinosaurWorld's IDO will start at 10am Singapore time (UTC+8) on September 12, 2022.
The IDO will be divided into three rounds🚀
IDO is now live!! https://ido.dinowd.com/
A new dinosaur history begins now🦖
-first round- Maximum purchase: 100USDT Price: 1DWD=0.01USDT Total : 50 million DWD
-second round- Maximum purchase : 500USDT Price: 1DWD=0.02USDT Total: 50 million DWD
-third round- Maximum purchase: 1,000USDT Price: 1DWD=0.03USDT Total : 70 million DWD
IDO Rules
①There is no limit to the amount of IDO, and the initial price is 0.01 USDT. ② The quota for a single address is fixed at 100USDT (purchase at most). ③To participate in IDO, you need to fill in the address first to confirm the referral. ④You can get DWD and NFT rewards once you successfully invite friends to participate IDO. ⑤After completing the third round of IDO, you can visit the official website to receive your unlocked $DWD.
We add liquidity to pancake swaps after IDO. After that, we list on the top 5 exchanges in market cap.